Devoir [FBSI Chronicles 1]

Two agents of the Federal Bureau of Space Investigation, are hunting a fugitive.The FBSI agents expect to get the job done quickly. Until it turns out that several more parties are involved in the manhunt. And not all of these parties are human ...
It seems to be an easy job, till non human parties appeared to be involved…
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Laystall [SF Short Story]

Old satellites are becoming a problem. Space junk that needs to be removed. Luckily there are professional cleaners. These satellite sweepers are scavengers trading all they can find. However, sometimes they find things that shouldn't be found

Sometimes you find things that shouldn't be found

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Innerverse [SF Short Story]

Their wish: to become an astronaut. Their mission: to explore the universe. Their story… seems to end right here. In an unknown world. Far away from human civilisation.

Rendez Vous [SF Short Story]

A horrifying lovestory for the brave at heart. An encounter with an old love. Think about it. After more than fifty years he meets her again, his childhood sweetheart. While you read: enjoy 'Dark Side of the Moon’ by Pink Floyd (Us and them!) on the background. Apologies. Of course this is no background music. But it makes the story more exciting. And darker...

Moon Spell [SF Short Story]

Exploration of the universe has been commercialized. Want to go to the moon? Look for the best offer; sign in and enjoy your flight. Everybody can be an astronaut nowadays. The question is: does everybody wants to?

Ameizan [SF Short Story]

A boy’s dream. And apparently a girl’s dream too. Travelling into space to be the first to explore new worlds. When scientists find mysterious rings around a new discovered star and intercept communication; it is a given fact. These are the first true signs of intelligent life. A discovery of unknown alien life offering many talented people the chance of a lifetime. Go wide young man!

Barker [SF Short Story]

Walking the dog, Brandon Flinders sees flashlights in the sky, moving towards an unknown, but nearby airstrip. Flinders wonders what’s going on. Smugglers…aliens? He tries to find out, following the lights in the middle of the night. What will he find?